$99 Single Item USPAP Compliant Fair Market Value Appraisal Report:

If you would like a single collectible to be professionally appraised, please fill out the online submission form with as much information as possible. This insures a USPAP compliant appraisal report. Please keep in mind that we may still need to reach out to you for additional information.

You will receive a digital copy of your USPAP Compliant appraisal report upon invoice payment. (If requested, you may receive a hardcopy as well).

You will be contacted if the item is not worth the cost of an appraisal. You will not be invoiced in that case.

If you wish to have more than a single item appraised, please contact us either by email (findingnostalgia@gmail.com) or calling (272) 215 2483.

Please Provide Detailed Information Regarding Your Collectible: