Who does not enjoy rifling through a bargain bin of sporting collectibles? As you stroll through sports collectibles shows and conventions, you will stumble across many boxes and containers brimming with inexpensive and desirable bargain collectibles. Make the journey to Cleveland in early August to the National Sports Collectors Convention and you will find hundreds of such bins.

The Citifield based soap opera I usually follow is on hiatus today, so I thought I would share some of my favorite bargain bin football card pickups of the past year. These cards were three dollars (many $1) or less except for the Marion Motley card. I paid a bit more for that. For a dollar or two you can grasp and gaze into the past. You can certainly feel the chasm of time between long ago eras and the present age when you ogle one of these time-worn and beaten up beauties. The equipment, poses, and styles of the cards show the passage of generations. Find the card with the white football used during the 40’s and 50’s for night games.

(You can see I lean toward Rams and Placekickers….strange.)

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Bargain Bin Finds

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