We are Buying Vintage Baseball and Football Memorabilia

Do you have vintage sports collectibles and memorabilia that you are considering selling? We are always interested discussing your situation and your needs. Please call or text us at (272) 215 2483 to discuss your collection. You may also email us at findingnostalgia@gmail.com for more information. We are located in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania. We are as interested in the story behind the collectible as much as the collectible!

Vintage Baseballs Vintage Footballs
Vintage Baseball Bats Vintage Football Helmets
Vintage Baseball Gloves Vintage Football Equipment
Vintage Baseball Jerseys NFL Game Used Jerseys
MLB Game Used Equipment NFL Game Used Helmets
Pre-1970’s Baseball Cards Pre-1970’s Football Cards
MLB or NFL Stadium Seats Vintage MLB or NFL Bobbleheads
Vintage MLB or NFL Pennants Pre-War Baseball and Football Photos
Pre-War Baseball and Football Trophies Vintage MLB or NFL Yearbooks and Programs
19th Century Baseball and Football Items MLB or NFL Championship Rings

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