My marriage, that is why. I brought a large collection of baseball cards and some memorabilia into my marriage 15 years ago. To maintain a joyous household I knew there would be give and take. The first rule that was proposed was “whatever you buy needs to be able to fit in a shoe box.” I understood her case regarding space and clutter, but really, how could one abide by such nonsense?

Over the years, with determination and stealth, the collection grew while maintaining a very happy marriage. I have taken that “shoe box” and stretched, contorted, and reshaped it to fit into a blessed marriage. Lastly, doesn’t $99 sound better to Mrs. V than $100? Ad men have known forever the value of the number 99.

 My hope is to share some of what I have learned over the years. A few tips, a few resources, and a few laughs.  I will start with a quick story. This summer, my son and I purchased a pack of Topps Baseball Cards. He opened them as I was driving. The FIRST card out of that pack was a comedian. Artie Lange.

Does anyone see anything wrong with that? My son cracked up because he knew my thoughts on NOT having baseball players in a pack of baseball cards. I know that I am not alone in that sentiment. That wag had my son entertained…not me.

Future posts will have useful and fun information on growing your collection….such as the following link. At you will find some useful information that will help you date your vintage Spalding Baseball Bats. It is the nuances of the Spalding Trademark that you will initially focus your attention on when beginning the process of determining if a purchase or bid is justified.

The primary focus of this blog will be sharing info on baseball and football memorabilia and the stories behind the hunt. When I find something fascinating from other sports, I will certainly share and hope you find it interesting and helpful in your search for the items you enjoy.

Hope to see you at the Queens Baseball Convention 2016 on January 23!


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