Do you have a routine, habit, or tendency that was or has become a part of your normal, everyday life? It could be health, financial, or family related. It may have sprung from youth or from a coincidence. Perhaps the outcome of a situation weighed in the balance, and you noticed that one small act or a seemingly inconsequential moment had things fall neatly into place. We have all experienced such occurrences. (Except Mrs. V)

Recently, while reorganizing, I happened upon an old container housing items not seen in close to 30 years. Baseball cards, magazines, and other keepsakes and mementos. All of the items brought with them a flood of memories and moments. One piece, in particular, was a part of my youth that brought with it a feeling of security and memories of victories past.

A small youth T-shirt was the treasure discovered. The shirt is flimsy and almost transparent, but did it pack a punch in the day. My journey through youth and young adulthood with this shirt began in the summer of ’76. My father took me to the local minor league stadium to see the hometown “Williamsport Tomahawks“, A double AA farm team of the Cleveland Indians. They played in Williamsport PA for only one summer. (During that summer they brought in HOF’er Bob Feller for a promotional appearance.) The club gave away a “Williamsport Tomahawks” T-shirt. It was handed to us…not shot from a launcher.

Williamsport Tomahawks T-shirt.

Hmmm…onto something with this T-shirt.

The first time I wore the T-shirt was as an undershirt to my Little League Baseball uniform, I got two doubles. Never did I play another game without the shirt. When I out grew the shirt, I would fold and carry it in my pocket. I carried it in every game I ever played. My teams had wonderful success thanks to that T-shirt….and to a smaller degree, the coaches, teammates, parents, and supporters.

Sometime during junior high school, it must have occurred to me to parlay the beneficial properties of the T-shirt into schoolwork. Thus, my T-shirt would find its way to school, neatly tucked in my back pocket for every IMPORTANT test. I did not utilize it for all tests…just the tests that were deemed critical. Would not want to use up all of whatever that shirt emanated. It NEVER let me down. It was with me the day I graduated college. I thought of it from time to time but lost track of it until recently. It will stay retired and keep a perfect record in tact.


A fine, quality, financial institution sponsored the giveaway.

Ridiculous….maybe. Could be that it was easier to put faith in the T-shirt than in myself. But, I will say, in a world that is results driven, that T-shirt delivered. To quote George Costanza’s statement to Jerry. “Just remember….It’s not a lie…if YOU believe it.

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