The 2018 Opening Day is here and none to soon.

Opening Day for the 2018 Major League Baseball season has drawn very close. In a couple of days the boys of summer will resume the game we have missed for so many months. Never, in recent memory, has opening day been so anticipated in terms of diversion. We have been inundated, bombarded, and bludgeoned with socio-political viewpoints, headlines, and rhetoric. It’s time to “play ball!” Fandom can heal a multitude of animosity’s. Let’s get it going!

A couple of items I wanted to share include a link to Major-League Baseball’s list of schedules for every major league team. Baseball fans love schedules. Have at it. Also wanted to share Uni Watch’s 2018 uniform preview. Lots of fascinating information about what to expect in terms of uniforms for the coming season. There are numerous subtle and not so subtle changes to many uniforms for the 2018 season. The Philadelphia Phillies will be sporting the 70’s-80’s powder blues at times this season. I bookmark Uni Watch and refer to it constantly. Uniform junkies will certainly enjoy Uni Watch. It is a tremendous resource.

Interesting Info

For the foodie in all of us…here is a link to 29 recipes for ballpark food at home. Don’t forget to spread newspapers on the floor if you are discarding your peanut shells on the living room floor. (Mrs V. allows peanut eating over the kitchen sink…only…or outside). shares some of the most memorable opening days in baseball history.

Lastly, the 2018 MLB Little League Classic will be held August 19, 2018 at Historic Bowman Field in Williamsport Pennsylvania. It will feature the Philadelphia Phillies taking on the New York Mets. (The ballpark is about 3 1/2 miles from where I live).

2018 Opening Day

2018 MLB Little League Baseball Classic

The City of Williamsport will be at the center of the baseball world as the 2018 Little League World Series and the MLB Little League Baseball classic take place in mid August.

As we head into the baseball season, enjoy it as much as you can. You have earned it.

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