The National

There are certain places or events that we may visit or attend that will utterly envelop our imaginations. There are places of spiritual significance, historical significance, and places where we are lost in thought and fantasy. Entering into the National Sports Collectors Convention elicits feelings of joy, hope and wonder. Sports collectibles are front and center for five days at this annual gathering. It has been said of the National, “if you can’t find what you’re looking for at the National, it probably doesn’t exist.” A statement like that sets the convention up for failure, but year in and year out, it ascends beyond all expectations.

Cleveland was the star

This year’s convention was held on August 1st thru August 5th, at the IX Center in Cleveland Ohio. A facility massive enough to comfortably hold an event the size and scope of the National. It all begins at the very first booth.  You will be completely absorbed from the moment you enter. You never know what vintage treasure is waiting around the corner. Check out this short video.

The National Sports Collectors Convention is scheduled for Chicago in 2019 and Atlantic City in 2020. There may be reasons to not go…but there are many more reasons to go. There is nothing like it in the realm of sports collectibles.


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