Really…Why Can’t They BUNT?

What scenarios or occurrences bring a baseball team to its knees before July 4 for two years in a row? Every team endures injuries and in-game mismanagement. What makes the situation so unusual for the Mets? Much has been addressed In the many, recent, blistering, writings by the Mets beat reporters. An issue that continues to slow the Mets progress is fundamental preparedness in the pipeline from the minors league cities to New York. Primarily speaking of position players. The Mets are poor at bunting, stealing, running the bases, hitting the other way, hitting the cut off man, backing up each other, and other fundamentals. I acknowledge the game has changed but there are core principals that still matter and the men in Flushing exhibit none of them during play. Mental toughness, grit, and confidence are also part of championship baseball. We, as fans, witness very little.

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Keith Hernandez preaches fundies.


The Mets cannot seem to promote a major league ready catcher. The catchers, until recently, have been sub par, at best. We have had a glimpse of Devin Mesoraco and we have enjoyed it. We have seen him bring the beleaguered starting pitching staff to respectability. Why? Because Devin is a professional catcher who knows how to handle a pitching staff and contribute from time to time at the plate. He has the confidence in himself to know that he can contribute in all facets of his job. (Devin was brought from the Reds for Matt Harvey. The Matt Harvey saga underlies many, many other issues with the Mets.)

Rarely seen is minimum competency with Mets prospects and young players. It seems to take two or three MLB  years for the prospects to make a splash of any kind. If they do at all. The decision-makers during the draft and international free-agent signing’s have shown an ineptness that is criminal.

Brandon Nimmo and Michael Conforto

I feel certain the Brandon Nimmo will be a star for a long time and I’m very optimistic about Michael Conforto. But what about all the others. Fundamentals are missing. Mental toughness seems to be lacking as well as plate discipline. So many of our players come up through the minor-league ranks unprepared to play major-league baseball. We see it day after day. The fundamentals just are not there. Mental mistakes are common occurrence with our younger players, and our veterans for that matter. Amed Rosario and Dom Smith can be  huge stars…but the Mets do NOT teach, coach and manage them properly.

Do the Mets have a “Way”?

Last week, SNY interviewed Bud Black (Mgr of the Rockies) as part of a feature on Nolan Arenado. Nolan is prepared for every situation that could present itself. His work ethic is inspiring.  Nolan went on to blister the Mets in that series. There has always been a difference between the great and the average in baseball. Some of those things you can control and it starts with desire and coaching. Seems right now the Mets do not have either, at any level. It would be interesting to know what the Mets philosophy or system consists of. What is the “Mets Way” if they have one? Strong pitching, likely, would be at the core. But what is the philosophy taught in the minor leagues? And if there IS one…Why is there a massive breakdown between Las Vegas and New York? Let’s not forget that the New York Mets, a MLB team, batted out-of-order last month.

Below are just a couple of links to articles in the media today, June 25, 2018, concerning the Mets. Just a snapshot of what Met fans woke up to this Monday morning.  DEPRESSING  SAD AND DEPRESSING  PATHETIC

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